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Getting Results

When your goal is to lose fat your first look should be towards your nutritional compliance not cardio. Get honest with yourself. How precisely are you adhering to your plan? If you are at a moderate caloric deficit  (and I don’t recommend anything more severe than a moderate deficit) then any unaccounted for bite, taste, and lick will drastically change the actual weekly caloric deficit of your plan.  Put the peanut butter down…  

You can’t be at a calorie deficit all year round (well not without assistance). Bikini girls, you especially need to hear this. We often talk of balance as an excuse for a cheat but how often throughout the year are you jumping up to maintenance calories or building calories to achieve true balance? I know I’m not raising my hand to jump up to maintenance cals, but the true results you’re after likely mean you need to build muscle in some areas still and allow your body to become adjusted to your new body fat percentage. Can you build more roundness or volume in your glutes? What about the often missed lateral head of the gastronemius or rear deltoids? Remember the definition of beauty is symmetry and balance. That’s what will catch the judge’s eyes. Getting results means stepping away from the stage for a moment to really consider what will create the balance and shape you need to win shows.  We cannot build, create, or sculpt our bodies to that definition while eating at a caloric deficit.

Rest. Rest. Rest. This doesn’t mean just logging your 8 hours. You’ve been doing that while in contest prep for seemingly forever and you’re tired of hearing it. Guess what… you’re doing it wrong. Yes you need to log the 8 hours but that is only step one of resting. Most of our contest prep stimulates the sympathetic branch of our nervous system. That’s all of those bouncing, jumping, straining, and compressing movements. Sleep should not be the only time your body’s parasympathetic branch of the nervous system is stimulated. Try these three activities to train your rest muscles:

  1. Take long walks without your cell phone. Listen to music or a book on tape and let your eyes and your mind wander.
  2. Engage in bio-energetic training. Some examples are myofascial release, stretching, deep breathing, and yoga.
  3. Soften and open your feet. Your feet are the foundation of your body.

So that’s it. Eat well, allow yourself several maintenance or building phases throughout the year, and rest up!


Eat and Lift; Live and Love – Renae

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