Pre-Planning for Success – Molly Wichman

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Pre-Planning for Success – Molly Wichman

Competing is a demanding sport; on your family and relationships. I find the best way to find work/life balance is through pre-planning and time management. My household is a healthy household since my husband, Robert Wichman, competes as a National Level NPC Bodybuilder and we own/operate a fitness center, Life Transformations Fitness. I like to “stay ahead of the game” to make sure everyone gets food and workouts.

Batch Cooking: I shop and prepare all of our foods for the week on Saturday or Sunday. This may take a couple of hours, but it is worth it not to have to do food prep each morning and night. Now since there are two competitors in our house it can be quite a bit of food. I cook all the protein, carbs and veggies, then portion it out into plastic ware. Along with prep for us, I also prep for my toddler son. Small portions of healthy snacks are his “convenience food” for our little guy. Yogurt, cottage cheese, veggies, fruit, wheat cereal/crackers are all put in small plastic ware or Ziplocs. Food prep can be timely, but plan ahead and don’t get behind.

Extra Food: Now, I always keep “emergency food” in our house. We go through a lot of food and no one wants a hungry bodybuilder running around looking for food. My pantry has extra canned and bagged tuna, canned chicken, dry rice, quinoa and more. All of items that can sit there till they are needed; most likely they will sit there for a year, but I know food will always be available. My freezer has extra cooked and non-cooked chicken, beef, and cooked sweet potato. Although I batch cook, what if an emergency arises and I get behind…this way I am always ahead. These planning and scheduling tips help me and I hope you find them helpful as well!

Wichman family fridge after batch cooking

Schedule Workouts: As a small business owner and busy gaI, I find scheduling my own workouts helps me get them in. Each week I look at my schedule and put in my own workouts so they don’t get overlooked and I don’t overbook. There’s nothing worse than scheduling a client into an open hour, then realizing that was your hour to workout. Syncing my laptop to phone and printing my schedule is the key to getting everything in! No excuses!

Molly Wichman

IFBB Fitness Pro

Life Transformations Fitness Owner/Operator/Personal Trainer

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