GEARD Up LE-5-Ladies Edition – Jerry Brainum

GEARDUpPodcast November 9, 2014 0
GEARD Up LE-5-Ladies Edition – Jerry Brainum

Jerry Brainum has become disgusted with the way the supplement industry has become “overrun with lying money grubbers and sociopathic hucksters who don’t give a damn about you.”  Jerry is a nutrition consultant for many pro and amateur bodybuilders as well as professional and Olympic athletes in various sports.  As a science writer, researcher, and consultant his job is to cut through the BS and tell his clients what really works and what doesn’t.

In this episode Nikki, Star, and Hanna talk to Jerry Brainum about many different topics including:

  • Drug Use In Females
  • What It Was Like To Meet And Hang Out With Arnold
  • Training At Vince’s and Gold’s

Don’t miss this episode.

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