About Us

This is a site dedicated to promoting amateur athletes and entertaining our audience. We will be posting a weekly podcast, training videos of athletes all across the country and in particular the Midwest, and educate our readers and listeners on the sport. We are not doing this for profit. everyone involved makes a living currently and we just want to be a voice for the athletes and be more involved in the sport ourselves. David, Chris, and myself are doing this because we love bodybuilding and we want to be involved. This is not a business. If money comes that’s great, but all 3 of us have a passion and that’s what this is about!!!

In addition to this website and the podcast we have a VERY active Facebook Group.   We’d love to have you join and participate.

Real World Muscle GEARD Up Facebook Group

Our core team consists of the following athletes

If you would like to be a sponsor of the site, in a training video, a guest on the show, or do a video interview with us, please contact us here:  realworldmuscleco@gmail.com

We look forward to entertaining you, educating you, and promoting as many athletes as possible in the process.

-Real World Muscle