5 Mistakes I Wish I Hadn’t Made, But Glad I Did

GEARDUpPodcast November 26, 2013 0
Hey everyone,
Well the website and radio show are moving along well. I want to make sure we take things slow and just make small subtleAdam McVey Real World Muscle changes to things as we move along. We have training videos going up now and things are really taking off. I am really honored and humbled by all the positive attention (fuck it, the negative attention is great to) we are getting. We seem to be getting better and better by the week and people are taking notice.
Somebody told me recently that everything I have tried to do seems to be a good idea. Honestly, this wasn’t always the case, even up until just recently. I guess I just got sick of being a no one with no direction in life and figured that I NEED to try SOMETHING. I told myself, even if I succeed accidentally, that it just isn’t going to happen if I don’t try. So I decided to make a move. Initially as you all know, I made the mistake of bringing someone in on my idea that really didn’t give a shit about my personal well-being and only cared about his own. I’m ecstatic that things happened that way actually. It allowed me to change directions toward what I should have originally done, and that’s team up with people who not only care about my well-being but people who I feel the exact same way about. Now our website and show features people who I consider “family”, and I’m pretty sure they feel the same. Believe it or not when we sign off from recording the show every week, instead of saying “goodbye”…I actually say “love you guys”… I just really appreciate my true friends now more than ever and am glad to have such honest, loyal people on my side.
So with that said, here are 5 mistakes I have made in life that impacted not only me personally, but with this being about bodybuilding, impacted me there as well
– I have been following bodybuilding as you all know, since 1994. However it wasn’t until 2008 that I did my first show. WHY?…. I was too busy getting fucked up. Ecstasy, coke, raves, night clubs…I was basically a functional junky. But not in the way like a heroin addict is. I would get fucked up 2-3 nights a week and then live a totally normal life the rest of the time. Obviously I didn’t make any muscle gains, and to be honest all though the drug use stopped I was still going out and drinking all the time up until a couple of years ago. Stopping all the night life stuff was one of the hardest things I have ever done. I imagine what would have been bodybuilding wise had I not been that way. I wasted over 10 years of training for having a good time….BUT, that’s not what this is about. The fact of the matter is that whole time and experience made me who I am today. It allowed me to see the important things in life-like being a good father and prioritizing my daughter, being a better husband or at the very least striving to be, and it also allowed for me to realize that we are only allotted a certain amount of time to make progress in the sport. So now because of this mistake I am attacking bodybuilding with a vigor never before seen out of myself and I’m glad things happened the way I did so NOW, I can really reach my potential with bodybuilding and this site. If you’re in your 20’s and you’re reading this and you want to ever amount to anything in bodybuilding, you HAVE to keep your partying to a minimum.
– I have the worst A.D.D. know to man……I have tried countless times to stick to a routine, keep a training journal, keep a food log, etc….AND I JUST PLAIN FUCKING SUCK AT IT. Recently however I have went back to basics and am consistent with my exercises and I’m not just running around the gym doing whatever. I have a solid nutrition plan I am consistent with and my training is centered around free weight basics and progressing on them. As a result I have made the best progress of my life (probably this in conjunction with not getting wasted all the time has been the key to me winning my first show this year)….Find the exercises that work for you and progress on them. Dont make shit fancy. Get strong on the basics. That’s where your mass is going to come from.
– Yeah, I know your saying “how can this be bad?” …well I’ll tell ya….. I got so entrenched with learning everything I could on the internet that I was nothing but confused at the end of the day. This led to constantly changing my diet and training, ultimately leading to me spinning my wheels….And I believe wholeheartedly that I’m not the only one…..now dont get me wrong, I learned a lot and have used that knowledge, and later experience, into helping my clients prep successfully for shows. But, it took me a long time to figure out what worked and what didnt after I was what I call “over saturated” with information. I wish that I would have latched onto one persons knowledge and learned the ins and outs (for example something like Chris Acetos championship bodybuilding book) and just too that basic knowledge and put it into practice until it was exhausted, THEN…proceeding on to learn new things. Pick one method of training and nutrition and STICK WITH IT and actually give it a chance to work……im not talking a month…im talking 12
– Yeah, yeah, yeah, I can hear all the meatheads already….But look, I NEVER trained abs ever…Id always make it a point to say I was going to but then I just wouldn’t. Well I have 2 bulging discs that have been hurt for over 10 years now. Three times I have re injured it and crawled around my house for a week on my hands and knees…You would think I would learn right?…NOPE!…not this hard-headed mother fucker. YOU CANT TELL ME!!… After my show this year, I wanted to start training for a powerlifting meet. So i began deadlifting…that lasted about 5 weeks. My lower back just couldn’t take it because I was doing zero work for the entire front side of my abdominal wall…..I started to realize that my anterior pelvic tilt was becoming very bad….So I decided to start slow. Once a week I would train abs…..Currently I am doing it twice per week and I just recently started deadlifting and doing rack pulls again….I have very little back pain unless I sleep funny, and I’m excited to be training the way I want again…Im 35 and its never going to feel “great” again, but at least now I can do something and in bodybuilding that’s the key. CONSISTENCY + TIME= RESULT
– This one I’m still working on and is more of a reminder to myself. John Meadows and Shelby recently had on Ian (King was his last name I think) and he was preaching the value of good old-fashioned static stretching…… It was a wake up call for me as another problem with my back, and my shoulder, are lack of flexibility so this is something I will be incorporating into my training slowly until it becomes habit. If you want to be in this for the long haul then you need to stretch or eventually growth will be inhibited. And it’s no coincidence that the guys with the most flexible legs are also the guys with tree trunks!!!
Till next time!!!

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