The Meticulous Bodybuilder

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The Meticulous Bodybuilder

by Adam Strachman, BS. Dietetics, National competitor and MB!

There are numerous facets that make me the person I am, and make me look how I do.  In my articles I will explore those various facets.  I will reveal the methods and reasoning behind my decisions.  At first glance each aspect may see far-fetched or odd, but in time, all will make sense as part of a cohesive whole.

Everything I do serves a purpose.  As an extremist in the world of competitive bodybuilding, every little bit counts, and adds up to the greater picture.

I approach everything on an accumulation-basis: every piece accumulates to a bigger whole, and improved results down the road.  I choose to focus on patterns, consistency, and daily routine.  I choose to focus on maintaining a rhythm within each day– doing what is needed and choosing not to get overwhelmed by adding everything up in my head at once or questioning my abilities.

The variables that come into play for me (whether off season or prep season) revolve around these key things:

1) the mind and visualization

2) heart and passion

3) motivation

4) consistency

5) attention to detail.

There is nothing wrong with becoming more efficient.  Discovering paths to faster growth, and a better way to get ripped or stick to your contest diet, is not “cutting corners”.   We are often so obsessed with thinking that “more is better”, that we often assume we must do the maximum work possible to get anywhere (or feel guilty, like we are spinning our wheels and cheating ourselves, with anything less than full effort).


Oftentimes, this thinking causes us to fail.  Why not find ways that are better suited for your body?  Why not listen to your response to exercise, diet and cardio?

What I share and reveal here may be individual to me, but is no different from what you can learn about yourself following the same mindset and reasoning I use.

For example, let’s take diet.  Do “cookie cutter” diets or “fad diets” work?  Absolutely they do!  They work for certain individuals, at certain points in time.  Same holds true for training and cardio.  We often get so focused the terminology– “cardio”, “training chest”, “dieting to get ripped”– that we lose sight of one of the key factors in standing out from the pack and uncovering your true potential: the mind!

How many of you get up for your fasted cardio, rock out to your music, break a great sweat, and finish thinking about how you got that out of the way for the day?

How many of you have a cardio plan?  What is a cardio plan you’re saying. Ask yourself, “What is my goal or reason for this cardio?”  Burning fat?  Improving my heart?  Or just breaking a good sweat because I always do cardio and it just has to be in my daily routine?

The point I’m making is everything adds up again and everything will matter over time.  For example, during prep, I use certain creams to maximize my cardio time.  I think about my goal– to burn fat and get shredded glutes.  I may rock out to music, but I focus on vibes that match my energy.  Every step on the step mill serves a purpose towards my glutes getting shredded.  I instill a picture in my mind of what I will achieve.  Each session is its own and I am devoted to it, not thinking about what I will eat for breakfast or reading a good book!  If you cannot see what you want to create it is harder to create it!  Get an anatomy chart out of the human body and analyze it.  Look for pictures of the development you wish to achieve and hold that image in your mind.  Remember the mind is a powerful tool.

In these articles I will break down many items which make me who I am and what I look like.  Hopefully you will gain knowledge about yourselves from my beliefs and methods that you too can put to use. Or at minimum, find amusement in my ways with new ideas on food, training, and cardio.  I appreciate the support from all of my readers and followers. Much respect and thanks to Adam Mcvey and Gear’d Up for this opportunity.


“The Meticulous Bodybuilder”

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