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IFBB Pro Molly WichmanHave you ever wondered how to get a polished stage look? Here are some tips to help you look the best you can on your big day. I like to plan early so I know what’s going on before the week before the show. No one wants to be rushing around getting appointments and running to the store the night before the show.

As a competitor you want to make sure prepared for your time on stage. Start working on your “stage look” early so you can pull it together. Dieting and training help get you to the stage, but you can’t forget about all the other aspects of how you look onstage. A good overall appearance is vital to earning the awards you work so hard for.

A dry run of practice of your stage look is very helpful. Do your hair, makeup, put on your suit, shoes, jewelry and go practice your posing. Run through your mandatories and individual poses. By this time you should feel very comfortable with your posing.

Check the rules for your division Visit and check on the entry form for your show to see if there are any special instructions.

Suit-Suits can come in many looks and prices. You need to make sure the suit fits your body, the color looks good with your complexion, and most importantly you like it. Do a search for colors that look good on your complexion or choose your favorite color. If you are ordering a custom suit, many suit designers need about six weeks to make your suit. Check in early with your designer to make sure you get your measurements in for your order to fit their time frame. If you are on a budget you can usually rent suits or purchase used suits from suit designers. Or, ask a friend to rent or borrow their suit.

Now, guys need to also make sure their suit has a good fit. No one wants to turn around to show off their striated glutes with trunks that are too big and bunch out. Many of the top level guys are choosing trunks with a cinch at the top or a V back. This gives a clean look and ensures they fit right on your glutes. A suit that is too big or to small suit is not a nice look for guys or gals.

Hair-Most shows run morning and night; so, you want to choose a hair style that will last all day or plan on re-doing it if it falls. The most common hair do for Figure, Fitness, Bikini, and Women’s Physique is down or partially up. You want to look feminine. Many ladies have a hair dresser do their hair at the show or at a salon before stepping on stage while other gals are very particular and do their own. You know your hair, your patience level and your skill at doing hair. Take all of these in consideration when deciding what you want to do with your hair. Also, many gals use extensions to make their hair appear longer or thicker than it is.

Now, guys should have a fresh hair cut so they aren’t rolling onstage with an overgrown look.

Makeup-Again, you need to plan on your makeup staying on all day long and many gals use a makeup artist. Make sure your makeup artist understands you need stage makeup. You will be under bright lights and don’t want to get drown out.

Jewelry-The most common jewelry you need will be earrings, bracelet, ring and maybe a hair clip. Look for “bling.” Many stores have a large collection of costume jewelry that will work or some suit designers sell jewelry packages. Look for something that has the clear crystals or you can pick out a color on your suit to match to your jewelry. Usually earrings are a chandelier or hoop style.

Tan-The easiest way to tan is with the show sponsored tanner. They will be backstage for touch ups and most competitors will use them. Contact the show tanner and get your appointments scheduled early for optimal times. If you don’t you may get appointments at 10:00 or 11:00 the night before your show. The tan is very important to your stage look. No one wants to diet and train for 3-4 months, be in peak condition and then be overlooked because of a bad tan. If you are to light you will be drown out under the bright lights, it you are too dark it will blur your lines and you will look “muddy,” if you use a different tanning product than everyone else you will look a different color and stand out. So, use an experienced tanning company. Most start tanning with the first coat the day before the show, do a second coat or touch ups (depending on your skin) and then will be backstage to glaze and glue suits. Make sure to follow all skip prep instructions from your tanning company. Most tanners recommend specific prep instructions for 1-2 weeks before your show.

Personally I like Liquid Sun Rayz. It works the best on my skin. I’ve had the muddy look, I’ve had an off color look, I’ve had the at home ProTan look and paying a little more for a quality product is worth it.

Shoes- Bikini, Figure, Fitness gals a clear 5 inch Stiletto Clear Platforms (skinny heel, low platform in front). You can try these on at local Cirellas store and usually run a ½-1 size bigger than regular shoes. Search: M-BROOK, 5″ Heel Clear Sandal by Ellie Shoes

Posing-To feel comfortable and look polished on competition day, start practicing your posing when you start your contest prep. If you are not comfortable with the posing guidelines for your organization, look up rules and watch videos of the athletes in your division. Also, there are posing coaches to help guide you. If there isn’t someone in your local area, there are some coaches that do posing via Skype. Make sure if you hire a posing coach they are knowledgeable in the division and organization you are competing in. Different organizations pose differently and there is no reason to practice something that is wrong.

Now, you need to practice your posing each week. Even a couple shots in the mirror at home are good. If you can, setup a mirror so you can see your back. Looking at your back as you pose and then memorize that feeling can help you when you are on stage without a mirror. On one wants to be the athlete on stage with the crooked back pose or pinching your back/glutes together to make a bad look. Your posing needs to be fluid and polished not jerky and awkward. Along with your posing, practice your smile. While you are on stage, you need to look like you are having fun and comfortable, not a deer in the headlights and uncomfortable. If this means posing in front of your friends and family…then do it.

Molly Wichman

IFBB Fitness Pro

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