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Hangry Helper - Contest dieting cheat mealsTruths out…what do you do when you are in contest prep mode?

Ok, we have all been there. Dieting for a contest…hungry but not for the food you are supposed to be eating. What do you do? I’ve seen or heard of the following from fitness friends, gym buddies or maybe even in my own household. Now, none of these “hangry helpers” are necessarily right or wrong or go along with your contest plan; they are just my observances in the competition world.

  • Eating a whole batch of Sugar-free Jell-O

  • Lettuce sprinkled with garlic salt

  • Eating a salad of iceberg lettuce

  • Eating Angel Bites made out of whipped egg whites and Splenda

  • Whey protein and water mix on the skillet

  • Loads of hot sauce…every kind

  • Protein Pancake made of only egg white and whey protein

  • Eating more broccoli than anyone should ever do

  • More sugar free gum than the check-out isle

  • Eat whey protein DRY off a spoon out of the jug

  • Drinking warm or hot water

  • Having a whole fridge shelf of Walden’s Farm syrups, sauces, and all out synthetic flavor sauces

Now, putting anything in your mouth that is not on your prep diet should always be run by your prep coach. But, I know competitors do things like this while dieting just to make it through the day. Have something to add…share. You never know it may help another HANGRY competitor out.

Molly Wichman
IFBB Fitness Pro
Life Transformations Fitness Owner/Personal Trainer

This information is intended for general informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice or imply that any personal action should be taken. You should first discuss any physical, lifestyle and dietary changes with your health or medical professional.

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