GEARD UP Episode 100 – Bodybuilding Legend DORIAN YATES

GEARDUpPodcast September 1, 2015 2
GEARD UP Episode 100 – Bodybuilding Legend DORIAN YATES

We have made it to Episode 100!  A few months back, Adam asked one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time if he would join us for episode 100.  And without hesitation he graciously accepted.  So here we go with Episode 100…

On this episode of the GEARD Up podcast we are joined by a true legend in bodybuilding. With six consecutive Mr.Olympia titles from 1992 to 1997, and the fourth-highest number of Mr. Olympia awards of all time, IFBB Pro Dorian Yates joins the GEARD Up crew on our 100th episode.  With 15 major competition wins and 2 second place finishes Yates is truly one of the best.

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  1. joro September 1, 2015 at 5:45 pm - Reply

    looking forward to hear from the man who ushered in the era of the mass monsters! with all respects to the great lee haney I think he retired right on time because he saw writing on the wall.

  2. Joe September 2, 2015 at 4:04 am - Reply

    Best show ever guys!! All the haters who say Dorians went crazy need to stfu & listen to this episode. Glad to be along 4 the ride. Not a member of the forum. Not a bodyduilder. I’m just a gym rat, bro, whatever u want to call it this show is great for everyone who likes the no BS attitude. Peace out

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