GEARD Up Episode 115 – Justin Harris

GEARDUpPodcast December 15, 2015 1
GEARD Up Episode 115 – Justin Harris

Prep coach Justin Harris joins us on this episode to answer questions from the GEARD Up forum members.  We also go to school with professor Jason Theobald.  This week’s class is “Everything You Need To Know About Keto Diets: 101”

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  1. Roland December 22, 2015 at 7:31 pm - Reply

    What do you guys think Artemus Dolgins chances are winning the classic physique? If you have even heardof him. The guy is super cocky and thinks he’s gonna go in there and destroy the competition but I personal think he looks horrible. His body doesn’t look proportioned to me at all. Just interested in your opinions. I love the honesty you guys give on this podcast. Also do you think Calum Von Moger would do well in the Classic Physique? Big fan thanks.

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