GEARD Up – Episode 131 – IFBB Pro Dan Decker

GEARDUpPodcast April 18, 2016 1
GEARD Up – Episode 131 – IFBB Pro Dan Decker

IFBB Pro Dan Decker joins us this week to discuss the myths involved with fitness modeling, and odd jobs of professional bodybuilders.  A ranty Allen Cress pops in for Muscle U and gives us guidelines on how to pick a proper coach.  And Adam and the Daves, on ever-decreasing carbs, attempt to discuss their respective preps without slurring their words.  All this, and more, on the GEAR’D Up podcast: Bodybuilding’s Last Stand!

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  1. Sly May 3, 2016 at 7:21 pm - Reply

    I am a competitive bodybuilder and work at Pixar. Do you have any idea how surreal it was for me to sit at work listening to your show, and hearing 3 meat heads talk about how they cry when they watch our movies? You made my day guys!!!

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