GEARD UP Podcast Episode 136 – Bob Johnson

GEARDUpPodcast June 1, 2016 1
GEARD UP Podcast Episode 136 – Bob Johnson

The president and founder of the GBO, Bob Johnson joins us on this week’s episode of GEARD Up.  Do athletes have viable options on where to compete?  Or is it just the same old rehashed BS?  David J. explains his decision to pull the plug on prep and Dave Smith details his first show of the season. – “GEARD Up – Bodybuilding’s Last Stand”

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  1. Sammy Hayes June 6, 2016 at 6:56 pm - Reply

    Hey guys love the show. Weird show man, just weird. David over estrogens and you guys say nothing? David Shapely after the first 2 seasons success was suppose to get half. They wer suppose to pay him over 500million. Cmon guys, Best dvd sales of all time. They told him it was to much money, ha, slight hinge of guilt. Best always, love the show. Hey David, you can still spend time wth ur daughter after school and eat fish.

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