GEARD UP POWERLIFTING EDITION – Episode 05 – Steve Goggins – Chris Pappillion

GEARDUpPodcast March 22, 2016 1
GEARD UP POWERLIFTING EDITION – Episode 05 – Steve Goggins – Chris Pappillion

This time on the Geard Up Powerlifting Edition – SPF Fallout. The detailed set of events.  Is it a case of a few bad seeds, or a bad organization?  Our special guest Johnny Vasques from Powerlifting Watch weighs in on the subject. What is going to be done now?  What kind of standard guidelines for inclusion will be implemented for PLWatch?

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  1. Shawn N Hester March 23, 2016 at 3:38 am - Reply

    It’s all well and good that y’all want SPF banned, but here in South Carolina, there are not that many other Fed’s. When you have a family of 5 it is hard to just up and drive 6 or 7 hrs or longer to a meet…spending money on gas, hotel, food etc. Some of it sounded like a grudge against Jesse and the SPF bc y’all lift in the USPA. I don’t agree with what Jesse did and feel like maybe he should take a lower profile now with the meets and just stay out of all decisions, but some of y’alls comments sounded childish and spiteful. You say you don’t want to hurt the Lifters, yet, you’re doing exactly that. Texas and California don’t have that problem of not having different Federation meets in close proximity like say, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama etc. I’ve said my peace and will try and find a meet close enough in another Fed that doesn’t put a burden on my family, but it looks like my competition days are over thanks to a few people who have a grudge.

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